intel processor

Red Hat responds to the Intel processor flaw

How are the Linux vendors addressing the recently-exposed Intel processor flaw? I asked Red Hat and got some solid answers. What is the nature of the problem? Discovered some time ago, but only just yesterday brought into public...

working iot

How SAP is making the shift to industrial IoT

SAP’s relies on its diverse ERP customers and experience to capitalize on the industrial IoT.

Six extreme datacentre locations

A look at some of the more unusual data centre locations around the world

Jerry Kennelly, Riverbed CEO

How does SD-WAN work?

Learn about the latest networking technology, SD-WAN, which uses policy-based rules to orchestrate applications routing in the cloud. Jerry Kennelly, CEO of Riverbed, describes the functionality and benefits.

smart city - wireless network - internet of things edge [IoT] - edge computing

How Cisco drives its industrial IoT business forward

Industrial IoT development is complicated and slow growing. Cisco is seeing some success, though, thanks to its IoT ecosystem of customers, partners and expert innovators.

xerox parc

History of computers, part 2 — TCP/IP owes a lot to Xerox PUP

An interview with Robert Taylor, former manager of Xerox PARC, shows TCP/IP designs were based a lot on the PARC Universal Packet (PUP) networking protocol suite.

GuardHat iot hardhat

Keep IoT under your hat … your hardhat, that is

GuardHat has created an IoT-enabled hardhat that includes a beacon and sensors designed to continuously transmit data to a safety control center.

former Intel CEO paul otellini

Former Intel CEO Paul Otellini remembered

Former Intel CEO Paul Otellini passed away Oct. 2, 2017. As Intel’s first non-engineer, he did more to advance the company’s position than any other.

homing pigeon

Weird IP networks: Internet via birds and ham radios

When disaster strikes and internet access is knocked out, how can you communicate? Ham radios and IP over Avian Carriers are two options.

wall street charging bull

Managing users on Linux systems

Some tasks and tools to manage user accounts and keep your Linux users happy

private cloud

Private cloud use grows, and ZeroStack wants to help spin them up

ZeroStack CEO David Greene discusses the accelerated growth of private clouds, why companies are turning to them, and the role ZeroStack plays in their deployment.

hurricane harvey flood

Tech enabled disaster response to Hurricane Harvey

Here’s how Esri Disaster Response Program is helping first responders and the Texas Division of Emergency Management. Information on local conditions such as water levels, flood gauges, road closures and traffic conditions are...

mount washington observatory

Using IoT to keep Mt. Washington hikers safe, predict weather

An early IoT adopter, the Mount Washington Observatory uses an ensemble of radios and sensors to monitor weather and alert hikers and observatory personnel.

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