Hungry? How About An Open Source Restaurant

Ever get a great dish at a restaurant and imagine making it at home? At the world's first open source restaurant you can.

Imagine just finishing a great dish at a restaurant and wishing you could make that at home. Well at the Instructables Restaurant you can do just that. In fact not only can you get the "source code" of the dish you ate, but you can download the plans to the furniture and fixtures as well.

The Instructables Restaurant is an outgrowth of which

"is a web-based documentation platform where passionate people share what they do and how they do it, and learn from and collaborate with others. The seeds of Instructables germinated at the MIT Media Lab as the future founders of Squid Labs built places to share their projects and help others."

In line with the Instructables philosophy, everything at the restaurant is either based on recipes posted to

Instructables or plans and designs from there. If anything was needed not already on Instructables, it was completed by the restaurant organizers and then put on

Everything is licensed under a creative commons license. I guess that is taking creative to a whole new level.

If you are looking to run right out to the Instructables Restaurant you might be disappointed. After announcing their plans to open a restaurant based on this concept back in 2008, the restaurant was finally opened on December 16th the historic Theatrum Anatomicum of the Waag in Amsterdam. However, the restaurant was only a pop up event and from what I have been able to find out is no longer open there. Such is the story with pop up events which come and go quickly.

But now that the ice has been broken, there is no reason we won't see open source concept restaurants popping up all over. So the next time you really like a dish when you go out to eat, you may just be able to take the recipe home with you (and the design of how to make the actual plate as well).

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