What’s the best approach to building next-generation data center networks?

Experts are in agreement that Software Defined Networking/Network Virtualization will make the network world more efficient and more agile, but opinions vary on the best path forward. We reached out to two of the most prominent players to ask them to spell out why they think their approach is best.

The Experts

Chris King LinkedIn

Chris King

Chris King, vice president of product marketing in VMware’s Networking & Security Business Unit, argues that network virtualization – embodied in the company’s NSX product -- is the way to go because it abstracts network control from network hardware while replicating everything the application expects to see, vastly simplifying the task of building and managing complex network environments. View debate

Frank D'Agostino LinkedIn

Frank D'Agostino

Frank D’Agostino, Director of Technical Marketing at Cisco, says the key is to be able to view/manage all the physical and virtual components that impact application performance, something the company can achieve with its Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI). View debate

Chris King, vp product marketing, vmware

Virtualize It! Build a data center that is defined by software not by hardware

The software-defined data center (SDDC) is inevitable, and the next step on the path to the SDDC is to virtualize the network. The vast majority of VMware’s 500,000 customers are exploring, planning or already virtualizing their networks as the next step in their transformation from the client/server era to the mobile/cloud era. Quite simply, the SDDC is more agile, secure and scalable than the new HDDC architecture put forth by the largest network provider today, at one-third the cost.

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