Huawei ES3000 V6 SSD: An Innovative Technology for Smarter, Faster Services

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Huawei has launched the ES3000 V6 SSD, a next-generation enterprise-grade SSD, to help enterprises tap into data value in the digital economy. This product series supports the high-performance PCIe 4.0 interface and adopts the latest machine learning algorithms to provide a foundation of multiple intelligent features, enabling the automatic identification of service types. The ES3000 V6 series, which comprises the ES3500P V6 and ES3600P V6 models, is designed to address pain points for service performance, offering a smarter, faster platform for data centers. The latest series showcases Huawei’s technological innovation and will push the enterprise storage service to a new height.

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Figure: Huawei ES3500P V6 SSD

To fuel the data processing of enterprise mission-critical applications, the next-generation Huawei ES3000 V6 series SSD boasts the following highlights:

  • High performance. Running on the PCIe 4.0 interface, the next-generation Huawei ES3000 V6 series doubles the performance of its predecessor, the ES3000 V5. Specifically, the ES3000 V6 series delivers random read/write IOPS up to 1.66 million and 500,000, the sequential read/write bandwidth of 7 GB/s and 4.5 GB/s, ultra-low read/write latency of 38 μs and 12 μs, and the maximum storage capacity of 15.36 TB. The performance of all these essential indicators is industry-leading.
  • All-scenario application. The ES3000 V6 provides a wide portfolio of products to unlock high performance and large capacity at a lower latency. These diversified products are built on Huawei's years of experience in industry services and are designed to help customers across industries cut their TCO.
  • Smart services. As a result of Huawei’s innovation, the ES3000 V6 SSDs run the latest machine learning algorithms to automatically identify service types, and support intelligent features, such as multi-stream and atomic write. Huawei is releasing this series to answer the long-standing problems of data storage and offer optimal performance. In traditional storage, because data of different characteristics is mixed, hot data updates frequently include cold data porting within the SSD, which impacts service life and performance. The ES3000 V6 SSD adopts multi-stream technology and assigns different stream IDs to data delivered by the system. Based on data features, data with the same stream ID is stored in the same block (the storage module in the flash memory of the drive). In this way, data can adapt to different service types, and cold and hot data is stored in different partitions, reducing the number of erase times during data porting. This technology helps boost SSD performance and service life by more than 20%, making data centers more efficient and less expensive.

The ES3000 V6 is also ideal for multi-tenant and multi-application shared virtualized storage in public cloud. Due to the SR-IOV with Quality of Service (QoS) at the SSD level, the latest series controls the error of bandwidth and IOPS QoS of each virtual function (VF) within 1% after virtualization. The upper limits of bandwidth and IOPS for different VFs are also optimized for better resource utilization.

  • Easy O&M. The next-generation ES3000 V6 offers a wide range of intelligent O&M features, including the online monitoring, accurate fault prediction, service life monitoring and prediction, and fault alarm handling. In addition, it supports online activation 1 second after firmware upgrade, which enhances the security and reliability of drive data for stable service operations.

Innovation doesn’t stop at Huawei. On September 30, the Huawei SSD family will be joined by the ES3800P V6, a next-generation super-write-intensive SSD. This model runs on the 3D XL-Flash technology to offer ultra-low read/write latency and 30 drive writes per day (DWPD), making it a must-have in low-latency scenarios. The low-latency ES3800P V6 can be combined with the high-performance ES3600P V6 and the large-capacity ES3500P V6 to meet diversified scenario requirements. All these products adopt intelligent technologies to help improve server performance at the system level, and fuel the intelligent transformation of data centers.

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