Full network automation isn’t ready, but current tools can still help

Automation tools can reduce manual tasks and improve security today even though the goal of full automation is still remote.

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As enterprises try to accelerate their digital transformation efforts, network agility is more important than ever, and network automation can help by ensuring quick access to data, maintaining network performance and improving security.

With work-at-home policies preventing IT teams from physically accessing most locations, automation is being used to perform remote updates, fix problems in data centers and branch offices, and to assist work-at-home efforts. It can also help eliminate human scripting errors to close configuration gaps that lead to security breaches.

While networking suppliers are advancing network automation tools and despite the talk of self-driving networks, IT professionals need to look to incremental gains in network productivity that current offerings can provide.

Benefits of network automation

Network automation tools can eliminate time-consuming manual tasks such as provisioning new networking gear, changing configurations or implementing new policies.  The benefits include:

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