SD-WAN boosts pest-control company's network performance

Rollins pest control reaps better performance, security and automated changes with SD-WAN

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Digital transformation has raised the value of the network to where for most companies the network is the business.

Cloud computing, mobility, remote working and other initiatives are all network-centric in nature shifting the network from a resource that most business leaders rarely paid much attention to into the most important IT asset in the company. A poor network leads to poorly performing applications, which impairs worker productivity and negatively impacts customer experience.

The network has never been more valuable

A recent ZK Research Study found 58% of respondents stated the COVID-19 pandemic has made the network more important. Historically, large companies with multiple locations required robust networking technologies to reduce costs and outages, simplify management, and improve the user experience. Now companies need to connect the company network to remote workers whether at home or in the field.

For Rollins Inc., a pest control services provider with 700 locations and 19 subsidiaries, traditional networking technologies couldn’t meet the company’s growing demands. So, Rollins collaborated with software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) and security vendor Fortinet to design a secure network that performed better for both employees and customers.

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