Southeast Asia data centre guide 2022: country by country

From just one to dozens, IT’s options for data centres across Southeast Asia vary widely.

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The deployment of data centres in the nations of Southeast Asia varies enormously: from hundreds in the most economically and technologically advanced nations to zero the least developed.

There is also a divergence in policy. Many nations are actively seeking data centre investments and have tax and other incentives to attract investment. By contrast, Singapore has become increasingly concerned about the power and land requirements of data centres and has imposed a moratorium on the use of state land for data centres. However, there are now signs that this is being wound back.

Here is Network World Asia’s guide to data centres in Southeast Asia.

Data centres in Brunei Darussalam

Brunei Darussalam has one data centre. It was built by US-based Level 3 Communications, which was acquired by Centrelink in 2016. Centrelink rebranded as Lumen Technologies in 2020. However, its Brunei data centre is now owned by the Brunei government through its wholly owned Unified National Networks (UNN), a company formed in late 2018 to offer wholesale telecommunication services to both national and foreign clients.

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