Faster Business Outcomes: A Tale of Two Transformations

Now is the time for faster business outcomes, easily achieved by implementing technology that simplifies management and operational complexity. Is your organization ready to optimize the speed of its IT services?

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By: John Gray, Data Center Marketing Lead, Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company.

Enterprises today know the world has changed, and they must change with it, especially in the ways they approach improvements to business process through the network.

They want to choose and build the right capabilities to centrally host applications and data in distributed locations and, they want to connect their employees, devices, and resources the way they need to limit disruption and flex operations for growth.

The answers are found at the intersection of the hybrid cloud and next generation data centers, technology that transforms IT operations and organizations.

The end goal is faster business outcomes by implementing technology that vastly simplifies management and operational complexity, freeing them to not worry about underlying network protocols, topologies, and related complexity. Instead, they can shift focus onto higher impact projects and priorities needed to run the business.

Two companies have recently improved business processes and outcomes by better integrating edge and data center networks.

ONGC, India’s largest oil and natural gas company, was looking for a pay-per-use model that could be implemented quickly without any impact on security and availability. It chose an HPE Superdome Flex on the HPE GreenLake platform because it can process more data in real-time, speed-up analytics, and maintain fault-tolerant operations with in-memory computing, resulting in superior performance for SAP S/4 HANA workloads

ONGC’s expanded HPE GreenLake agreement also supports a new deployment of edge networking solutions to deliver faster, more reliable connectivity and to reduce network latency. The result is that ONGC’s full edge-to-cloud infrastructure for the SAP environment is now running on one consistent platform, making it both easier to manage and support.

A separate story is that of Australia's leading container terminal operator, Patrick Terminals. The terminal features precise orchestration among ships, cranes, and heavy ground vehicles. Patrick Terminals streamlines a complex operation with autonomous machines that optimizes efficiency, elevates customer service, reduces costs, and improves human safety—all orchestrated from a private cloud. Patrick Terminals has recently transformed its private cloud with HPE Synergy composable infrastructure, HPE Primera storage, HPE StoreOnce backup, HPE Cloud Bank storage, and Aruba networking. The result is a faster and more reliable service. These improvements have translated into time and fuel cost savings for the terminal and its customers.

These are just two examples of many where HPE and Aruba solution technology integration are helping to deliver a cloud-like experience to IT operators with simplicity, speed, and security packaged into flexible as-a-service consumption models.

HPE and Aruba offer dozens of highly differentiated pre-engineered IT infrastructure solutions delivering a wide variety of HPE compute, storage, and networking products that span a range of offerings, including virtualization, vSAN, hyperconverged infrastructure, high-performance computing, mission-critical systems, Microsoft, SAP HANA, and VMware solutions. These ready-to-deploy, integrated IT data center solutions help simplify and speed IT service.

Tangible and Enduring Benefits

Organizations undergoing digital transformation first want proven paths to success. HPE Reference Architectures document fully tested and validated workload architectures built on decades of HPE technical experience and ISV expertise, providing the following benefits:

First, to reduce complexities of planning, designing, and implementing infrastructure across a variety of workloads and infrastructure platforms.

Next, to achieve speedy deployment with less risk using a repeatable, best-practices reference to determine optimized configurations.

Lastly, achieving 75 percent faster deployment of integrated and complex IT stacks.

Also, Here are some additional examples of HPE Reference Architectures that are powered by Aruba Data Center Networking technology:

An upcoming conversation will occur at HPE Discover 2022, Next-Generation Architecture and Management for Data Centers - Session ID: DEMO501. Here, you can listen and learn how Aruba can help you modernize the data center with simplified and automated distributed services architectures built around a host of pre-engineer HPE compute, storage, and networking solutions.

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