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larry chaffin
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Not your grandfather’s LTE network

Jan 08, 20111 min
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Clear showing its teeth with mind boggling speed

Reading my Flipboard this morning I found a mention of this article about Clear WiMAX and their LTE Testing in Phoenix. Not only was there information but a YouTube Video showing the testing of a LTE Network. Now I have not seen Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile testing like this, but the Clear LTE testing was impressive. Using a 20MHz blocks rather than the 10MHz blocks that Verizon uses on its LTE network, Clear received 90mbps download speeds.

Clear should have had their LTE trial network in Las Vegas during CES, then show these results with live testing. I think it would have made a big splash. Many have wondered if Clear will introduce a WIMAX phone on their network. With these new results from LTE Trials I think they should stick with a data only network (no cell phone other than Sprint 4G Cellular Phone Data). Doing this will allow them to separate themselves from the other carriers and grow market share.  (Sprint does use the Clear 4G network now on its Cellular Phones)

Be sure to check out the YouTube Video.