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Foundry launches 10G line

Jan 23, 20062 mins

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Foundry launches 10G line, 01/23/06

Foundry Networks is launching the new year with several high-end network switch/router announcements: two new application switches, introduced earlier this month …

Looking back, ahead as Juniper celebrates its 10th anniversary, 01/23/06

Ten years after Juniper moved to become a formidable service-provider alternative to Cisco the company is challenging its rival in the enterprise. CEO Scott Kriens reflects.

Opinion: Cisco AON: Vulnerable to competition, 01/23/06

Some six months and counting, it is still difficult to get a handle on what Cisco is really doing with its Application Oriented Networking initiative. More important, it is difficult to understand how Cisco’s customers are viewing it – and ultimately …

Speeding up file transfers through IP subnets, 01/23/06

We want to speed up file transfers between a video-editing system that gets its IP address via DHCP and a file server with a dedicated IP address. Will assigning the video-editing station a static IP address on the same subnet as the file server make any

Cisco product flaws affect security of VoIP gear, routers, 01/19/06

A triad of Cisco product vulnerabilities could cause problems for users of the company’s IP PBXs and certain routers, Cisco warned this week.

Newsletter: Tolly Group pits 3Com Gigabit switch against Cisco, 01/19/06

3Com recently commissioned the Tolly Group to run some tests on one of its switches. The Tolly Group tested 3Com’s Switch 5500G-EI for frame/packet loss …

Weblog: Nortel not conceding enterprise LAN, 01/19/06

Those who figured Nortel would just roll over and give up the last of its remaining LAN switch market share to Cisco will be surprised by what the vendor has in store for 2006. If you haven’t checked out our story on Nortel’s 2006 switch road map, …

Newsletter: SMC ships high-speed copper alternative, 01/17/06

SMC Networks this week said it is shipping the “the industry’s first 10 Gigabit Ethernet over CAT-5e transceivers.” However, it should be noted that these are …