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by Mark Lowenstein

Messaging options multiply

Jan 30, 20061 min
Network Security

As the number of enterprise subscribers using mobile e-mail grows, three themes emerge.

The number of enterprise subscribers using mobile e-mail has been growing about 20% per year for the past several years.

BlackBerry has about 70% of the market, and remains the “gold standard” for this application.

In 2006, we see three themes around enterprise mobile e-mail:

Expansion of the BlackBerry experience onto non-RIM devices. Several device OEMs have licensed the BlackBerry software, so you will be able to get the BlackBerry “experience” on devices such as the new Nokia E61.

Microsoft finally gets competitive. You will see an expanded array of Microsoft OS-based devices, and, with Windows 5.0 and SP2, an e-mail solution that is at least competitive with BlackBerry.

Additional vendor options:

  • GoodLink, with more than 5,000 enterprise customers, offers an e-mail product that is very competitive with BlackBerry.

  • Nokia will push more deeply into the enterprise, with the purchase of Intellisynch and support of numerous enterprise mobile e-mail options on its business class devices.

  • Improved options for getting enterprise e-mail on non OS-based phones. Vendors such as Visto and Seven have partnerships with many of the major operators.

  • Improved over-the-air capabilities for synchronization, especially extending to calendar and contacts.