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Best Products: Information management finalists

Feb 27, 20061 min
Data CenterSAN

Back to the Information Management winners

Infrant Technologies’ ReadyNAS 600 and Anthology Solutions‘ Yellow Machine earned finalist designations because of their performance as network-attached storage (NAS) devices aimed at small or midsize businesses. Lab Alliance member James Gaskin gave Infrant’s ReadyNAS 600 high points for its clean administration, flexible deployment options and far-reaching client support. He also lauded Anthology Solutions’ Yellow Machine for providing a complete network in a box. This taxicab-yellow NAS box adds router and firewall features to its resume, as well as provides server-based backup for all clients connected to it – and it does everything fairly well, Gaskin said.

Buffalo Technology’s TeraStation earned its finalist stripes by offering so much storage for so little price, Gaskin noted. The storage afforded by this sleek silver-cased product – even when configured for RAID-5 and the highest performance and fault-tolerance the company offers – only costs $1.25 per gigabyte. This level of terabyte storage space, reliability and performance has never been so affordable.

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