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Adtran adds IP PBX to its VPN gear

Mar 07, 20062 mins
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* Adtran NetVanta 7100 includes SIP gateway

Adtran is putting a new spin on remote office all-in-one devices by adding an IP PBX to its VPN/switch/router family.

Called NetVanta 7100, the new box includes a SIP gateway that enables calls to easily get through the firewall that is also on the box.

Customers who buy the device have the option of buying it with up to 24 phones that are included as part of the purchase price, which averages out to about $550 per user for the chassis and the phones.

Adtran is noted for selling pretty good gear at bargain prices and for selling to carriers. This type of device in the hands of a carrier could support a converged network service that includes management down to the handset, which might be attractive to businesses strapped for IT staff.

It is another nail in the coffin of dedicated firewall/VPN gear that for years has been a staple for both WAN connectivity between sites as well as remote access. With prices this low, only customers with stringent VPN needs will be interested in buying appliances that don’t include other features, especially in branch offices. That is where the need is highest for gear that streamlines the need for management and maintenance.

So far, very few multi-function branch office devices have IP PBXs included, but that won’t last long. With the availability of credible open source IP PBXs there is little excuse for VPN vendors, when they do hardware revisions, not to include the processing power and the software to support telephony as well.

NetVanta 7100 for 24 extensions, including PolyCom phones, costs $13,000 and is available now.