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AT&T/BellSouth: Identifying winners, losers

Mar 10, 20063 mins

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Opinion: AT&T/BellSouth: Identifying winners, losers, 03/13/06

AT&T’s announced plans to pick up BellSouth in a $67 billion merger ushers in a whole suite of questions for IT executives.

Opinion: RBOCs: And then there were three (or maybe one), 03/13/06

The acquisition will not harm competition for local phone service between the RBOCs because there is none today.

CEBIT – AT&T deal won’t reduce spending, Lucent says, 03/08/06

Lucent doesn’t expect investments in new equipment to slow as a result of the proposed acquisition of BellSouth by AT&T …

Sorting out the AT&T/BellSouth deal, 03/08/06

AT&T made its move for BellSouth last week in an acquisition deal valued at $67 billion. There has been a lot of chatter about how the merger is in a sense recreating the monopolistic-AT&T of the 1980s. Here we try to address that question and some …

Analysis: Industry awaits Verizon’s response to AT&T/BellSouth deal, 03/07/06

Now that AT&T has made public its long anticipated intention to acquire BellSouth, all eyes are on Verizon.

Wireless joint ventures going by the wayside, 03/07/06

The $67 billion planned merger announced on Sunday of AT&T and BellSouth will create the largest telecommunications carrier in the U.S.

In AT&T/BellSouth deal, what happens to Cingular?, 03/07/06

The $67 billion planned merger between AT&T and BellSouth will create the largest elecommunications carrier in the U.S.

AT&T to buy BellSouth in $67 billion deal, 03/06/06

AT&T Sunday announced a deal to acquire U.S. telecommunications operator BellSouth in an all-stock deal valued at $67 billion.

Critics question AT&T deal’s impact, 03/06/06

AT&T’s announcement Sunday that it plans to acquire rival carrier BellSouth in a $67.1 billion stock deal may be good for the two companies, but some critics said … Your phone records in peril, 03/09/06

By now you’ve heard the stories. Countless phone records have been stolen using a practice known as pretexting: Someone pretending to be you calls up your telephone or cellular carrier and asks for a copy of your latest bill…

CEBIT – Vodafone launches first HSDPA service, 03/09/06

Vodafone Group launched its highest speed mobile data offering in Germany on Thursday.

House panel approves bill banning sale of phone records, 03/08/06

A House of Representatives committee on Wednesday approved a bill that would make it illegal for online companies to sell phone records they obtained by posing as account holders.