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InteropLabs hits on NAC, VoIP and open source

May 01, 20063 mins

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InteropLabs hits on NAC, VoIP and open source, 05/01/06

At InteropLabs, the experimental part of Interop, engineers test hundreds of commercial and open source products, focusing on how the gear can work together peacefully on a corporate network.

Secure SIP protects VoIP traffic, 05/01/06

Secure SIP is a security mechanism defined by SIP RFC 3261 for sending SIP messages over a Transport Layer Security-encrypted channel. Originally used for securing HTTP sessions, TLS can be repurposed to protect SIP session communications from …

Opinion: Wiretapping the WAN: It’s the law, 05/01/06

Bottom line: If you have issues with wiretapping, don’t go after the carriers. Go after the folks who required it in the first place.

End-to-end NAC remains difficult, 05/01/06

Network access control is a phrase on everyone’s lips, but InteropLabs’ testing shows that completely interoperable, enterprise-class NAC products are not here yet – though they could be just around the corner.

Avaya readying hosted VoIP service, 05/01/06

Avaya this week is expected to announce at Interop a hosted IP telephony service, with options for messaging and call center applications.

Mix-and-match open source for corporate networks, 05/01/06

Some say open source software is not worth using. Some say it will save the world. Setting aside the religious hype, open source software raises a serious technical question: Is it appropriate for enterprise use?

VoIP team ventures into new terrain, 05/01/06

Basic interoperability is generally a given in multivendor VoIP settings. What happens, however, when VoIP devices go to work in decidedly unfriendly environments, such as through security devices and across wireless LANs?

The hard sell of the IP softphone, 04/26/06

Corporate users are talking on IP softphone clients everywhere – or nowhere, depending on whom you talk to. While use of PC-based VoIP software is …

Phishing leverages VoIP in new scam model, 04/26/06

Small businesses and consumers aren’t the only ones enjoying the cost savings of switching to VoIP; according to messaging security company Cloudmark, phishers have begun using the technology to help them steal personal and financial information over …

Skype signs with four music labels for ringtones, 04/26/06

Users of Skype Technologies SA’s popular VoIP application can buy a greater selection of ringtones under a deal the company has reached with four music publishers, it said Tuesday.

Convergence Newsletter: What is Unlicensed Mobile Access?, 04/26/06

Today, we’ll briefly cover Unlicensed Mobile Access technology as we prepare to compare UMA with an IP-Multimedia Subsystem architecture. Like IMS, UMA …