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Skype makes a splash at CES

Jan 09, 20062 mins

* Skype announces new partnerships, products at CES

Skype is making news again with a laundry list of partnerships designed to make voice calls over the Internet easier. One product also expands Skype’s services to include on online photo sharing service. With over 225 million downloaded copies of Skype’s software, there may be a ready-made market for some cost-effective IP-based telephones.

At last week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the company announced seven products, with some of those developed jointly with new partners. Skype noted it would offer its products through Radio Shack and a variety of retail outlets in Europe.

In a statement, Skype announced:

* Creative Skype Internet PhonePLUS – a standalone phone that enables anyone to make free Skype calls over the Internet without a PC connection.

* D-Link Skype USB Phone Adapter (DPH-50U) – a Skype phone adapter that enables the use of Skype on a traditional phone.

* IPEVO Fly-1 Cordless Handset and Xing Speakerphone – PC and Mac compatible IPEVO Fly-1 cordless Skype USB handset and an IPEVO Xing Skype USB speakerphone

* KODAK Photo Voice – a beta version of the first Skype-certified online photo sharing service, available as a free download at

* Panasonic – a cordless telephone product that interfaces directly with Skype, allowing users to make and receive Skype calls and traditional calls using the same device.

* VTech USB7100 Phone – availability of the previously announced VTech USB phone, expandable with up to four handsets and allows users to view their online contacts.

The company also announced a product-related partnership with Netgear, and we’ll cover that event in our next newsletter.