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Crescendo Networks’ CN-5080E summary

Jan 16, 20061 min
Data Center

Summary of test of CN-5080E from Crescendo Networks.

Data sheet
Price as tested: $48,000

If high performance is the sole criterion for selecting a Web front-end device, look no further than Crescendo’s CN-5080E. Crescendo uses multiple network processors and field-programmable gate arrays to speed traffic delivery. The advantages of hardware-based acceleration clearly show in our tests: The CN-5080E delivered consistently low response times and high transaction rates even as the number of users climbed (see both services and scalability test results).

On the downside, the CN-5080E is a relatively young product with fewer features than others in this lineup (see features comparison). It doesn’t support caching or URL rewriting, though the vendor says both features are on its road map for 2006. Also, unlike all other products tested, every interface on the CN-5080E resides on its own IP subnet. This required some readdressing of client and server gateways in our tests.

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