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Foundry Networks’ ServerIron 450 summary

Jan 16, 20061 min
Data Center

Summary of test results for Foundry Networks’ ServerIron 450.

Data sheet
Price as tested: $37,990

Foundry has been a longtime player in the server load-balancing area, and the vendor has recently added a raft of application-layer features to its ServerIron 450. The device we tested offers 16 ports, and can be outfitted with as many as 45 ports, giving it the highest port density of any device tested.

The ServerIron is somewhat more scalable than our results suggest here (see scalability test results). For example, the device achieved about 2.7 million concurrent connections in our tests, but Foundry says that number reflects a rate limit of its device and that its own testing achieves more than 7 million connections at a lower rate.

The TCP multiplexing results also puzzled us; in tests with an earlier build of ServerIron software, the device reliably turned in ratios of around 50-to-1 but didn’t do so here. Also, the ServerIron doesn’t yet support HTTP compression (see service-test results), but the vendor says that feature will be added this quarter.

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