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Airbus withdraws support for Microsoft in EU case

Sep 27, 20043 mins
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Airbus withdraws support for Microsoft in EU case, 09/24/04

European aircraft maker Airbus has withdrawn its petition to intervene in the European Commission’s anti-trust case against Microsoft, one week before the software maker is set to have a hearing …

Microsoft files suits against ‘bulletproof’ Web hosts, 09/23/04

Microsoft filed nine lawsuits against individuals and companies alleged to be involved in the distribution of spam, the company said Wednesday.

AMD’s Ruiz disappointed by Microsoft’s 64-bit delays, 09/23/04

Advanced Micro Devices is disappointed by Microsoft’s decision to delay the introduction of 64-bit versions of its Windows operating system, but sees no significant impact from the delay on …

New, dangerous Microsoft JPEG exploit released, 09/23/04

New computer code that exploits a recently disclosed hole in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Web browser is circulating on the Internet and could allow remote attackers to take full control of …

Microsoft adds incentives to licensing program, 09/22/04

Microsoft Wednesday added a bit more sweetener to a licensing program that has been a bitter pill for users.

Microsoft appoints new public sector head, 09/22/04

Microsoft has appointed a new leader for its Worldwide Public Sector group, which plays a key role in its efforts to counter competition from open source software in government and education markets.

XP SP2 distribution accelerated, VPN problem fixed, 09/22/04

Microsoft will accelerate the rollout of Windows XP Service Pack 2 over the next month and has released the first official update for SP2 to fix a problem some users had with VPNs.

Server Newsletter: Microsoft rolls out virtual server technology, 09/21/04

Microsoft last week stepped into the virtualization market dominated by VMware with the introduction of Virtual Server 2005.

Exploit posted for Microsoft JPEG flaw, 09/21/04

Computer code that takes advantage of a flaw in the way many Microsoft applications process JPEG images has been published on the Internet and could be a precursor to actual attacks on vulnerable …

Ask Jeeves revamps search and gets personal, 09/21/04

Ask Jeeves has made three significant enhancements to its search engine, as the Emeryville, Calif., company continues to take aim at its much larger competitors in the search space: Google, Microsoft …

Microsoft CFO: Expect us to make more big acquisitions, 09/21/04

Microsoft may make more large acquisitions than it has done historically and become a more distributed company as opposed to moving key employees to its Redmond, Wash., headquarters, CFO John …