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Microsoft investigates possible Exchange 2003 flaw

Nov 24, 20033 mins
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Microsoft investigates possible Exchange 2003 flaw, 11/21/03

Microsoft is investigating a potential security issue with Exchange Server 2003, which would be the first since the e-mail server was launched last month.

For security ask yourself…what would Microsoft do?, 11/21/03

Despite taking a beating in the press and from customers for security holes in its products, decision makers at Microsoft appear to think the company still has something to teach the world about computer security.

Veritas, Cisco aim to consolidate SANs, 11/24/03 

Veritas is teaming with Cisco to provide businesses with a centralized point of control to make it easier to consolidate isolated storage-area networks and create virtual pools of storage resources.

Vendors show iSCSI storage devices support Windows, 11/19/03

In a development that could help to ease the adoption of iSCSI, a protocol for creating storage networks over existing infrastructures, Microsoft has qualified iSCSI products from 14 storage hardware vendors to work with Windows and Microsoft’s iSCSI drivers, the company announced Wednesday.

Microsoft settles class actions in Dakotas, 11/19/03

Microsoft has agreed to pay as much as $18.33 million to settle class action lawsuits in North Dakota and South Dakota that alleged the vendor overcharged for its software.

Microsoft adds layer of anti-spam technology, 11/17/03

Microsoft Monday added yet another anti-spam technology to its recently released Exchange Server 2003 that it said would give companies another level of protection as they battle the onslaught of junk e-mail.

Attack code surfaces for latest Windows vulnerability, 11/17/03

Computer code that exploits a critical new software vulnerability in the Windows XP and Windows 2000 operating systems is circulating on the Internet, according to security experts.

MS shifts from .Net, Web focus, 11/24/03

The most interesting story from Microsoft’s recent Professional Developers Conference wasn’t the vendor’s future Longhorn operating system, but rather, Microsoft’s shift away from two preoccupations of its recent past: .Net and Web services.

Why ‘Second Tuesday’ deserves a chance, 11/19/03

Last week Microsoft rolled out the first releases in its newly announced scheme for patch management, dubbed “Second Tuesday” by some.

Microsoft version of VMware competitor reveals much, 11/17/03

I’ve been a fan of VMware for a long time. The company’s products allow you to create virtual machines on a single hardware platform, so you can easily move to a different operating system – to test different versions of an application, for example. Or you can simultaneously operate two or more different systems – for testing, say, client-server relationships.