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Microsoft readies Windows XP Service Pack 2 beta

Dec 15, 20033 mins
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Microsoft readies Windows XP Service Pack 2 beta, 12/11/03

Microsoft is gearing up for the first beta test of a set of updates for Windows XP designed to bolster the operating system’s security and add features such as support for Version 1.1 of Bluetooth and a new wireless LAN client.

Old Windows versions still hanging around, 12/15/03

Many North American businesses still have computers running on Windows 98 – if not older versions – even though support for the operating system is set to end Jan. 16, 2004, according to a new study.

Delayed patch ends Microsoft’s patch-free month early, 12/11/03

A glitch in Microsoft’s Windows Update automated patching service caused a security fix that was released last month to be delivered to computer users on Tuesday, the same day Microsoft proclaimed December would be a patch-free month.

Study: Windows 98 prevalent as end of support looms, 12/11/03

Many North American businesses still have computers running on Windows 98, even though support for the operating system is set to end on Jan. 16, according to a study released Thursday.

IE glitch gives spoofers powerful tool, 12/10/03

A newly discovered vulnerability in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser could be a powerful new tool for scammers, allowing them to convincingly mask the real origin of Web pages used to trick targets into revealing sensitive information.

No Christmas patches from Microsoft, 12/09/03

Microsoft has an early holiday gift for systems administrators: no monthly security patch release in December.

Microsoft battle with Lindows moves to Europe, 12/09/03

The trademark dispute between Linux-based software vendor and Microsoft has moved to Europe where Lindows CEO Michael Robertson said he is on a tour this week meeting with resellers who have been caught in the crossfire.

Microsoft to stop offering host of older products, 12/08/03

Microsoft will stop distributing several older products next week as a result of a legal settlement with Sun in a dispute over Java, Microsoft said.

Newsletter: Update on security updates, 12/10/03

Hallelujah! If everything went as planned, Microsoft should this week be announcing a “security” CD for those folks without broadband access to the update Web site or simply for those who don’t trust any software download.

With these pirated CDs, you get what you pay for, 12/08/03

In one of the stranger news stories of last week, Reuters was reporting that copies of Microsoft’s next operating system, codenamed Longhorn, were being sold on CDs in malls in Malaysia.