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ICANN approves user community groups

Dec 17, 20033 mins

Latest standards and regulations news.

ICANN approves user community groups, 12/17/03

In a first step toward giving individual users a voice in how the Internet is run, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has approved six community user groups in three regions.

Bush signs bill aimed at controlling spam, 12/16/03

President George W. Bush signed a bill into law Tuesday establishing federal rules for commercial e-mail and penalties for unsolicited mass spamming.

IPv6 fears seen unfounded, 12/15/03

Early adopters of IPv6 say deployment of this upgrade to the Internet’s main communications protocol is significantly easier than expected and costs less than anticipated.

U.S., EU agree on airline passenger data sharing, 12/17/03

After months of resistance, the European Commission Tuesday agreed that U.S. security demands for information about all air passengers flying to the U.S. from Europe do not breach tough European Union data privacy laws.

Report calls for VoIP ‘regulatory certainty’, 12/16/03

VoIP service providers need the “regulatory certainty” that would be created with a national U.S. government policy, a report released Tuesday suggested.

Nortel lags behind 10G curve, 12/15/03

With Cisco, Enterasys Networks, Extreme Networks, Foundry Networks and Force10 Networks having introduced switches this year that provide full-duplex 10G Ethernet throughput – and switching capacities in the T-bit/sec – Nortel has remained quiet.

Controversy over Chinese WLAN standard deepens, 12/10/03

Licensing requirements at the heart of a Chinese standard for wireless LANs threaten to disrupt the ability of networking equipment vendors to do business in China, according to a U.S. …

WSIS – U.S. delegation defends status quo on key issues, 12/10/03

When it comes to the Internet, the U.S. wields a powerful voice. Some would say too powerful.

AT&T Wireless cites progress in number portability, 12/10/03

AT&T Wireless this week said it is making “significant” progress implementing local number portability (LNP) after the FCC requested an explanation from the carrier on why it was …

In brief: Storage group intros data initiatives, 12/16/03

The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) this week launched two initiatives for data management that will focus on defining, implementing and qualifying methodologies for protecting and retaining data.