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High-flying glory days past, Microsoft builds for future

Jan 12, 20043 mins
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Latest Microsoft news.

High-flying glory days past, Microsoft builds for future, 01/12/04

Microsoft’s mettle has been tested before, but in the next few years the company will face what are arguably its toughest challenges yet.

Microsoft releases first public beta of Win 2003 for Opteron, 01/12/04

Microsoft last week launched the first general public beta program for its Windows Server 2003 64-bit operating system designed for Advanced Micro Devices’ Opteron chip.

Microsoft shelves aging software, 01/12/04

Microsoft this week will render “obsolete” Windows 98 and Office 97, the first two products in a line of aging software that will see support end this year.

Trojan masquerades as Windows XP update, 01/09/04

Security companies are warning Internet users about a new Trojan horse program spreading via spam e-mail and masquerading as a Windows XP software update from Microsoft.

Microsoft Word file security flaw uncovered, 01/08/04

Microsoft is again facing criticism from security experts after a researcher posted instructions for circumventing a password feature in the company’s popular Microsoft Word word processing program.

Microsoft targets Linux with new ad campaign, 01/06/04

Microsoft Monday launched a new advertising campaign designed to extend its “fact based” assault on the Linux operating system.

Jitux.A worm hits MSN Messenger, 01/05/04

A worm targeting users of Microsoft’s MSN Messenger software has squirmed through the instant messaging (IM) application.

Newsletter: How Microsoft did in 2003, 01/05/04

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a safe and sane holiday and you’re ready to make 2004 the best networking year ever. What’s needed, of course, is a sense of resolve, which is why folks make resolutions when the New Year rolls around. Vendors should do the same, and many do, but they don’t always tell us what those resolutions are. And so, I propose a few to them.

Newsletter: Microsoft should focus on security and standards in 2004, 01/07/04

Hope, the philosophers tell us, springs eternal meaning that no matter how bleak the outlook, humans still believe that with enough resolve they can change things for the better. In that light, many of us make New Year’s resolutions – vows to improve ourselves, our outlook, or our situation during the coming year.