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Microsoft releases public Windows XP beta for Athlon 64

Feb 09, 20042 mins
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Microsoft releases public Windows XP beta for Athlon 64, 02/04/04

Microsoft has made a beta version of Windows XP available to the public that runs on desktops or workstations using Advanced Micro Devices’ Athlon 64 or Opteron processors, Microsoft said Wednesday.

Review: Microsoft System Management Server 2003, 02/09/04

The last time we looked at Microsoft’s System Management Server, it was in the middle of a long beta-test cycle. While the basic features of the product haven’t changed, there have been some minor improvements, including a heavy focus on security. We recently tested the latest version and found it a marked improvement over earlier ones.

Microsoft deflecting MyDoom-B DoS attack, 02/03/04

Microsoft Tuesday said it had yet to be affected by a MyDoom-B worm-induced distributed denial-of-service attack, which anti-virus software companies predicted would be fairly easy for the software company to fend off.

Live Communications Server 2003, 02/02/04

As instant messaging and presence products have become prevalent in corporations, Microsoft  has taken the instant messaging engine out of Exchange 2000 and turned it into a stand-alone product, Live Communications Server 2003.

Microsoft patches IE flaws, 02/02/04

Microsoft on Monday released a security patch to fix three known vulnerabilities in its Internet Explorer (IE) Web browser that have been exploited to attack Internet users.

Newsletter: Don’t spread around your exploits, 02/02/04

Last week in Network World, Scott Bradner was going on about PCs, Macs, operating system “monocultures” and computer viruses (see link below). Quite a tour de force.

Newsletter: Bill Gates falls flat on his spam. 02/04/04

It has been almost 10 years since Bill Gates discovered the Internet (in late 1995) and decided that Microsoft’s future lie in delivering the “Internet experience” to all of its users.