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GFP optimizes storage over SONET

Feb 16, 20043 mins
Data Center

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GFP optimizes storage over SONET, 02/16/04

Generic Framing Procedure is an encapsulation method that is helping answer the call for SAN extension by letting Fibre Channel SAN traffic be carried directly onto the SONET network in an efficient and cost …

Copan spins disks on demand, 02/16/04

Start-up Copan Systems is putting a new spin on tape backup – the company is set to introduce a disk-based library it says is as inexpensive as tape but has none of the disadvantages.

Newcomer boasts backbone storage switch with smarts, 02/16/04 

Start-up Sandial Systems last week debuted its first product, a Fibre Channel switch designed to give companies more control over applications supported by their storage-area networks.

Secret Windows code leaked onto ‘Net, 02/13/04

Microsoft late Thursday confirmed that some of the secret code underlying its Windows NT and Windows 2000 operating systems has been leaked on the Internet. The company played down any potential …

Special Section: The new data center, 02/16/04

A layer-by-layer guide to creating the new data center — where grids, virtualization, autonomic computing and other big changes shatter the traditional boundaries on applications and information, and bring the extended enterprise to life.

A delectable storage plan, 02/16/04

By employing new data center technologies to address a storage binge, Krispy Kreme baked up a new back-up scheme.

ILM in action, 02/16/04

Within the new data center, data moves from one storage resource to the next based on information life-cycle management policies.

The lifecycle of data, 02/16/04

Like hierarchical storage management before it, information life-cycle management uses a tiered approach. But HSM moves data based on age alone while ILM determines tier based on business value.

Dell intros new storage subsystems, 02/16/04

Dell this week refreshed its storage-area network  products with the introduction of three storage subsystems that are faster and have higher storage capacities than previous arrays.

Storage newsletter: Is your IT room litigation-ready?, 02/10/04

The bright morning sun greets you as you walk the last 50 steps to your company’s front door.  The weather is good, your maintenance team has finished its backups within the maintenance window for three days in a row now, and your stock options are even starting to take on some value.  Things are starting to go your way.

Storage newsletter: Time to review your data retention requirements, 02/12/04

Ever since the days of the Pharaohs, ostrich feathers have been prized for their decorative qualities.  When the ostriches caught on to what was going on, they adopted a strategy of hiding from their enemies by sticking their heads in the sand.  Egyptian royalty continued to get their feathers, and we got the term “bird brain.”