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Mar 01, 20041 min

How we tested SSH Communication Security’s Tectia 4.0.

We configured several clients ranging from 900 MHz to 2-GHz processors with 256M bytes to 1G bytes of memory, and servers with 1-GHz to 2-GHz single processors with 512M bytes to 1G bytes of memory to test both the Tectia 4.0 client and server components. We used Windows XP, Red Hat 9 and Windows 2000 as client machines, and Win 2000 Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server as server machines. We exercised Tectia with various terminal access, file transfer and port-forwarding tests. We used password-based, Secure Shell (SSH) key-based and certificate authentication. We tested Tectia 4.0 by using it to perform typical SSH user tasks, such as maintaining network servers, transferring files to Web sites and using it to port-forward e-mail traffic from Internet cafés.

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Rodney Thayer is a private network security consultant in Mountain View, California. His practice includes exploit analysis, architecting secure networks, and cryptography. His background is in the development and deployment of network security devices, having participated in the development of various implementations of IPsec, SSL (TLS), and digital certificate systems. He has also worked in the area of security network management. He can be reached at

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