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IBM’s Palmisano given $5.4 million bonus for 2003

Mar 10, 20043 mins

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IBM’s Palmisano given $5.4 million bonus for 2003, 03/09/04

Samuel Palmisano was paid a $5.4 million bonus for leading IBM in 2003, making his total compensation for the year $6.95 million, the company said in a regulatory filing this week.

IBM buys partner to boost WebSphere line, 03/09/04

IBM announced plans Tuesday to purchase one of its business partners, Trigo Technologies, to add product information management capabilities to its WebSphere middleware line. Financial terms of the deal …

IBM targets vertical markets, SMBs, 03/08/04

Users can expect to see more products from IBM flavored with industry-specific capabilities and aimed at midsize companies. At least that’s the message from IBM’s most senior executives, who turned …

Moving Linux to the desktop, 03/08/04

Increasingly, businesses, government entities and schools are starting to look beyond Windows, which IDC says securely dominates the desktop market with a 94% market share. Instead they’re considering …

Vendors set to advance security plans, 03/08/04

Vendors are pursuing a variety of security initiatives intended to rein in the worst effects of problems such as worm attacks, which sometimes scan at ferocious speeds for vulnerable machines.

In brief: IBM, Sun mulling open source Java?, 03/08/04

Also: Dell hands over the reins; VeriSign back in court; disk storage sales on the rise; and more

Standard practice, 03/08/04

IBM last week hosted its partners in Las Vegas for Big Blue’s annual PartnerWorld conference. The show drew well-known vendors such Symantec, Siebel, Intel and…

SCO takes Linux battle to users, 03/08/04

The SCO Group has stepped up its campaign to protect its intellectual property rights by making good on a promise to take aim at end users, but despite the flurry of legal activity last week customers and …

IBM, Sun to meet over open source Java, 03/05/04

Representatives from IBM and Sun will meet in a week to 10 days time to discuss IBM’s proposal for creating an open source version of Sun’s Java technology, an IBM executive said Thursday.

IBM launches initiatives to automate and integrate, 03/04/04

At its PartnerWorld conference in Las Vegas this week, IBM announced two initiatives that ultimately could make it easier to integrate business and IT events across multiple platforms, to …

Technology Executive Newsletter: IBM partners with ISVs to focus on vertical industries, 03/08/04

The next time you sit down with the sales team from your preferred independent software vendor, one of the reps across the table from you might proffer an IBM business card.  At its recent PartnerWorld 2004 event, IBM announced a massive ISV partnership effort that should be very good for an IT or business executive charged with implementing a new industry-specific business application.