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by Lynn Nye

Three steps to app management

Jun 14, 20041 min
Application ManagementData Center

Within any IT system the three basic elements of a management solution are information, resolution and control.

Within any IT system the three basic elements of a management solution are information, resolution and control.

•  Information within most IT organizations is typically contained in or organized to support a particular ‘silo’ and therefore out of context for understanding application performance. The most fundamental performance information to have is end-user response times for a sampling of applications and a clear picture of what application traffic is running on the system.

•  Resolution of performance problems is inevitable regardless of how well the system runs from day-to-day because there will always be exception conditions. The optimal position is having the system properly instrumented to isolate and identify specific conditions that lead to performance degradation.

•  Control is the ultimate value goal because it provides for more efficient resource utilization and better end-user performance. It’s that theme that makes the evolution in performance management intriguing because traditional thinking was based on adding resources (more processor plus more bandwidth equals better performance). Unfortunately those who applied that math have found that it’s an un-supportable formula.

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