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Avaya looks to weave VoIP into Fujitsu PBX networks

Jun 11, 20032 mins

Avaya this week announced an upgrade path for Fujitsu PBX to IP telephony with the use of Avaya VoIP gateways and software.

Avaya, in conjunction with Fujitsu reseller Altura Communications Solutions, is releasing a version of its Communication Manager PBX/IP PBX call control software that is compatible with  the Fujitsu 9600 PBX. Users could deploy an Avaya gateway running Communications Manager, such as its S8300 IP PBX/gateways, to allow a Fujitsu PBX to support converged voice/data applications, as well as IP voice endpoints.

The upgraded platform can support Fujitsu circuit-switched and Avaya IP phones with call control and a common feature set across the TDM and IP devices. The Avaya gateway is attached to the Fujitsu PBX via a Primary Rate Interface (PRI) ISDN connection. This allows the PBX and gateway to access other converged IP applications, such as unified messaging and IP based moves, adds and changes, according to Avaya.

Avaya Communication Manger, formerly called MultiVantage, is the call control operating system for Avaya’s Definity TDM-based PBX, as well as its IPOffice, S8700 IP PBX and S8300 gateway platforms. The software can also interface with Avaya’s IP voice application platforms, such as its Unified Messenger and Speech Access and as well as legacy Audix and Octel voicemail platforms.

The upgrade for Fujitsu PBXs will only be available through Irvine, Calif.-based Altura, which supports around 6,000 Fujitsu PBXs in the U.S., according to the company.