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Wi-Fi Alliance certifies 802.11g standard

Jul 09, 20032 mins

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Wi-Fi Alliance certifies 802.11g standard, 07/09/03

The Wi-Fi Alliance, following successful interoperability testing, has put its stamp of approval on the first batch of products based on the new 802.11g wireless Internet standard.

Don’t wait for the government to secure cyberspace, 07/09/03

If you’re waiting for the government to secure cyberspace, it’s going to be a while. During a recent CSO roundtable in Boston, Richard Clarke, former special adviser to the president for cyberspace security, said that chief security officers looking for the federal government to take the lead on cybersecurity should look elsewhere.

Now share this: The Terrorist Threat Integration Center, 07/09/03

They say there’s safety in numbers. Well, the government has just added another agency. Feel any safer?

IBM, Microsoft publish Web services identity spec, 07/08/03

IBM and Microsoft on Tuesday published the fifth of an eventual seven specifications that will work in unison to help corporations deploy secure and interoperable Web services.

Congress fights over spam opt-in rules, 07/08/03

Lawmakers and antispam activists argued over whether e-mail users should have to opt in to receiving commercial e-mail and whether they should have the right to sue spammers during a hearing on a bill in the U.S. House of Representatives that includes neither protection.

ID mgmt. poised for next stage, 07/07/03

Existing identity management practices and standards in combination with Web services security protocols will provide needed protection to support distributed computing between corporations and their partners.

Big players push IPv6, but masses still resist, 07/07/03

When the dominant maker and a powerful buyer of network gear – Cisco and the Pentagon – insist the time has come for IPv6, some might see it as marching orders for the industry.

Government regs taxing on storage resources, 07/07/03

Complying with government regulations is taking an increasing toll on IT storage budgets and resources, analysts say.