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IBM, Microsoft debut Web specs

Jul 14, 20032 mins
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IBM, Microsoft debut Web specs, 07/14/03 

IBM and Microsoft last week published the fifth of an eventual seven specifications that will work in unison to help …

Sun revealed as SCO mystery licensee, 07/11/03

Microsoft and Sun finally have something in common: both have signed Unix licensing agreements with The SCO Group in the …

Microsoft releases Speech Server beta, 07/10/03

Microsoft on Wednesday moved toward the integration of call centers and the Web with the release of the first public beta …

Microsoft revives TrustBridge for Web services role, 07/09/03

Microsoft is dusting off its year-old and mostly forgotten TrustBridge technology and recasting it as middleware to …

Massachusetts investigating Microsoft settlement, 07/08/03

The attorney general for Massachusetts is investigating possible violations by Microsoft of its November 2002 antitrust …

IBM, Microsoft publish Web services identity spec, 07/08/03

IBM and Microsoft on Tuesday published the fifth of an eventual seven specifications that will work in unison to help …

Microsoft identity mgmt. announcement is puff, 07/07/03

Microsoft has suddenly “discovered” identity management, just as it “discovered” the Internet back in 1995, security in early 2002, and spam just last month.

Microsoft warns of critical Windows flaw, 07/10/03

A Network World Fusion user wrote in looking for help with Windows 2000 SP4 problem …

Summertime reading (and working), 07/07/03

I’ve found my hero, the guy who actually administers his whole company while on vacation …

Pocket size management, 07/09/03

Fifteen years ago I managed a “wide-area network” by jumping in the car and driving 50 or 60 miles whenever there was a problem.