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Microsoft taking on identity mgmt.

Jun 30, 20032 mins
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Microsoft taking on identity mgmt., 06/30/03

Playing a high-stakes game of catch-up with its major rivals, Microsoft this week is scheduled to unveil a plan to develop a comprehensive platform for managing user identities.

Applications or hardware: Pick your mgmt. tool, 06/30/03

In exploring its options, Smith & Associates has determined that a different network management strategy was in order. But instead of taking the conventional path of swapping its old management software for new, the company is looking to replace its software with hardware.

Management standards: Keeping an open mind, 06/30/03

Customer demand for open software is driving countless vendors, such as HP, IBM and Microsoft, to work more closely with industry organizations to develop common protocols, languages and industry standards for network and systems management.

Overseas outsourcing gains momentum, 06/30/03

The decision to outsource about 20% of its application outsourcing overseas came down from Aetna’s upper management, and …

SPML eases information exchange, 06/30/03

Service Provisioning Markup Language expected to establish an open, standard protocol for the integration and …

IBM opens supercomputing-on-demand facility, 06/24/03

IBM customers looking for some extra processing power can now lease supercomputer-sized Linux and Unix clusters over the …