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Microsoft revenue continues to climb in Q4

Jul 21, 20033 mins
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Latest Microsoft news.

Microsoft revenue continues to climb in Q4, 07/17/03 

Microsoft, citing strong growth in its server business and revamped licensing plan, on Thursday continued its immunity to … 

Microsoft: California class action settlement approved, 07/21/03

California software buyers can start sending in claims to get a piece of the $1.1 billion settlement Microsoft agreed to in January, after a judge signed off on the deal on Friday. 

New worm poses as Microsoft patch, 07/16/03

Antivirus company TruSecure is warning users about a new e-mail worm that is beginning to spread on the Internet and over … 

Microsoft warns of widespread Windows vulnerability, 07/16/03

Microsoft warned customers about three new security flaws in Windows Wednesday, including a buffer overrun in the implementation of a common … 

Massachusetts continues push against Microsoft on appeal, 07/17/03

The U.S. District Court remedy in the government’s antitrust case against Microsoft does not stop the software maker’s … 

Stopping Intel sprawl, 07/21/03

In addition to products from big-name companies such as HP, IBM, Microsoft and Sun, VMware this week is expected to …

 Dell halts Axim shipments over software problem, 07/17/03 

Dell has halted shipments of its Axim PDAs after discovering a software glitch that affects users of PDAs shipped with … Messenger 6.0 launched amid confetti of cash, 07/16/03 

Microsoft released the final version of its MSN Messenger 6.0 instant messaging software Wednesday, touting its new … 

Notice issue resolved in Microsoft vs. California case, 07/15/03

A San Francisco judge is expected later this week to preliminarily approve the $1.1 billion settlement in a class action … 

In brief: The final curtain for Netscape browser?, 07/21/03

Plus: Microsoft financials, PeopleSoft closes J.D. Edwards deal, IBM acquires Aptrix, E.U. and U.S. look to prosecute … 

Microsoft, Cisco flaws patched, 07/17/03

Last week, I sent out a plea for help from a Fusion reader having problems with Windows 2002 SP4. You can read about the issue here … 

Microsoft demos upcoming provisioning software, 07/17/03

Microsoft demonstrated its upcoming server operating system and application provisioning software this month at its European Tech Ed event in Barcelona. 

Microsoft MapPoint via Web services, 07/14/03

There are a number of things I am fascinated by: clocks and watches, old copies of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and maps. 

How technology decisions are like all-star games, 07/14/03

An age-old question, discussion, point of contention or argument (depending on where you stand on the issue) is whether you should choose “best of breed” products … 

Lessons from the all-star games, 07/16/03

Last time we looked to the world of sports to help us understand the differences between best-of-breed products and single-vendor suites.