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EU accuses Microsoft of ‘ongoing abuses’

Aug 06, 20032 mins

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EU accuses Microsoft of ‘ongoing abuses’, 08/06/03

The European Commission (EC) said Wednesday it is giving Microsoft a final opportunity to comment before it makes a ruling in its four-year antitrust probe of the software maker, and added that it believes Microsoft’s abuses “are still ongoing.”

Cisco meets Q4 expectations, 08/05/03

Cisco Tuesday posted fourth quarter 2003 revenue and earnings in line with analyst expectations.

MCI responds to AT&T’s accusations, 08/05/03

AT&T’s claim that MCI disguised call routing in an effort to avoid local access fees is bogus, says MCI.

Novell buys Linux software maker Ximian, 08/04/03

Novell announced Monday it has acquired Ximian, a provider of management and desktop software for Linux.

Tech labor union to step up anti-offshore efforts, 08/04/03

A labor union that counts as members tens of thousands of IT workers in the U.S. plans to increase its efforts to combat the displacement of jobs from offshore outsourcing.

Red Hat fires back at SCO, 08/04/03

The LinuxWorld Conference & Expo started off with a bang on Monday when leading Linux distributor Red Hat announced that it had filed a formal complaint against The SCO Group in an effort to “hold SCO accountable for its unfair and deceptive actions.”