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Microsoft ponders automatic patching to boost security

Aug 25, 20034 mins
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Microsoft ponders automatic patching to boost security, 08/25/03

In the wake of a widespread Internet worm, Microsoft is weighing options to get more users to secure their computers, including automatically applying security patches to PCs remotely.

Microsoft’s entrance to spark corporate IM, 08/25/03

Riding a tide of desktop domination, Microsoft’s latest foray into presence is expected to kick-start corporate adoption of instant messaging. Lateness to market, however, has analysts skeptical as to how the offering …

Worm outbreaks saturate networks, 08/25/03

Last week went down as one of the worst computer security weeks ever, as a spate of new worms crippled corporate and government networks that rely on Microsoft software.

Microsoft pledges allegiance to Outlook Express, 08/22/03

Microsoft Thursday said it never ditched Outlook Express, hoping to end speculation about the future of its free e-mail client.

All is quiet as deadline for Sobig attack passes, 08/22/03

The Internet was quiet as the clock ticked past the scheduled start time for a massive, coordinated action by Microsoft Windows machines infected with the Sobig.F virus.

Microsoft preps 200,000 CDs to fight Blaster in Japan, 08/21/03

Microsoft Co. Ltd., the Japanese unit of Microsoft, will begin distributing 200,000 compact discs this weekend as part of its efforts to stop the Blaster worm.

Microsoft warns of critical flaws in Internet Explorer, 08/21/03

Microsoft Wednesday released a patch for a number of flaws in its Internet Explorer Web browser, including two it rated critical for some versions of the browser, which could enable an attacker to take …

EDS intros Microsoft desktop management service, 08/20/03

Electronic Data Systems Wednesday is unveiling a service to manage the deployment of Microsoft desktop applications and system software in companies and government agencies.

Microsoft to lock down MSN Messenger network, 08/19/03

Microsoft is making changes to its MSN instant messaging service that will lock out users of third-party software that uses the service as well as users of older versions of Microsoft’s own Messenger client, the …

Microsoft launches Smartphone 2003 SDK, 08/19/03

Software developers can begin developing applications for the next generation of smart phones based on Microsoft operating software, as the company has posted a software development kit for Windows Mobile 2003-based …

Office 2003 pricing remains same as Office XP, 08/19/03

When Microsoft Office 2003 is formally launched at the end of October, its cost will be unchanged from the current retail pricing of Office XP, Microsoft said Wednesday as it announced its completion of the …

Worm aims to eradicate Blaster, 08/18/03

As if last week’s Blaster worm didn’t cause enough damage, there are now reports of a worm that breaks into Windows-based computers to try to delete any trace of the Blaster worm infection, and then downloads the patch …

Blaster worm: You hold the key to your safety, 08/18/03

Once again Microsoft is being pilloried in the press, the blogs and the chat rooms because of the spread of the so-called Blaster worm.

How to get a handle on your massive network, 08/20/03

One of these days you just have to get more organized. The network, the servers, the users (the printers, the hubs, the routers, the cables) – everything needs to be managed more rationally. “Management by reaction” just doesn’t work anymore.