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Under the gun

Sep 03, 20032 mins

Latest standards and regulations news.

Under the gun, 09/01/03

Network executives who want to keep up with the latest developments affecting their job had better start watching C-SPAN. That’s because state and federal governments, in response to concerns about security, privacy and corporate accountability, have gone on a regulatory spree that will cost U.S. companies billions of dollars in mandated IT upgrades.

Proprietary servers keep losing ground, 09/01/03

Analysts expect more businesses to scrap proprietary RISC-based servers and move to x86-based servers, which run on industry-standard chips from Intel and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), as their performance improves. This can offer stepped-up processing power and scalability at prices below RISC-based boxes.

Gartner: Expect to see wireline-to-wireless portability, 09/01/03

Consultants at Gartner predict that up to 10% of wireline users will port their phone numbers over to wireless service providers when that opportunity is available.

Tech Update: ISNS eases management of storage nets, 09/01/03

Internet Storage Name Service brings the plug-and-play capabilities of Fibre Channel to IP storage networks. ISNS facilitates automated discovery, management and configuration of iSCSI and Fibre Channel devices on a TCP/IP network. In a Fibre Channel fabric, a simple name server provides these services.