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ICANN seeks views on VeriSign’s Site Finder

Oct 01, 20032 mins

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ICANN seeks views on VeriSign’s Site Finder, 10/01/03

VeriSign’s Site Finder has come under further scrutiny from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. A committee of the Internet governing body is investigating whether the service hurts the Internet’s stability.

Microsoft declines comment on reports of EU hearing, 09/30/03

Tuesday declined to comment on reports that it is planning to request a hearing in its ongoing antitrust lawsuit in the European Union.

UnitedLinux quietly marches on, 09/29/03

The UnitedLinux consortium – unveiled with much fanfare last year as a unified effort to create a standard Linux distribution – has been awfully quiet of late in an industry segment that has been anything but quiet.

DSL Forum targets business services, 09/29/03

Quality of service, bandwidth on demand and flexibility are not terms that generally are considered synonymous with DSL service, but they might be in the near future.

Debate highlights VoIP hopes and fears, 09/29/03

As vendors at last week’s Voice on the Net conference pushed new applications for making IP telephony ubiquitous and more multimedia-friendly, attendees cautioned that plenty of basic issues still need to be resolved.

SIP-enabled products grab spotlight, 09/29/03

Session Initiation Protocol was on the minds of vendors introducing products at last week’s Voice on the Net conference in Boston.

Calif. anti-spam law called excessive, 09/29/03

While California’s tough new anti-spam law aims to stomp out unwanted commercial e-mail, the legislation enacted last week could also hamstring legitimate businesses looking to communicate with customers.