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Microsoft wins patent for IM feature

Oct 08, 20033 mins

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Microsoft wins patent for IM feature, 10/08/03

Microsoft has been awarded a patent for a feature in instant messaging that alerts a user when the person they are communicating with is inputting a message. The feature is present in instant messaging services from Yahoo and AOL.

Microsoft dominance of OS market grows, IDC study says, 10/08/03

Despite increasing pressure from Linux, Microsoft dominated the worldwide market in 2002 for operating systems used on servers and, less surprisingly, the operating system market on the client side. It will continue to defend its market position for at least the next four years, according to a research report released Wednesday by IDC.

Napster set to replay Thursday, for pay, 10/08/03

Roxio, the company that bought the remnants of fallen song-swapping service Napster, is preparing to relaunch the service, dubbed Napster 2.0, on Thursday.

TCO reduction is Siebel’s top priority, CEO says, 10/07/03

Siebel Systems’ announcement last week that it will reenter the hosted CRM market it abandoned two years ago is a sign of the company’s commitment to meeting its customers’ ever-changing needs, Chairman and CEO Tom Siebel said Wednesday during a keynote speech opening Siebel’s annual customer conference, in San Diego.

Microsoft to make changes to IE after patent verdict, 10/07/03

Microsoft Monday said that it is making “minor changes” to its Internet Explorer Web browser that will affect how Web page authors embed and automatically start certain interactive programs. The move comes after a verdict came down against the software company in a patent suit filed by Eolas Technologies.

NetScreen buys Neoteris for SSL abilities, 10/06/03

NetScreen has found a way to offer customers both IPSec remote access and browser-based remote access: by buying SSL remote access vendor Neoteris.

Motorola to spin off semiconductor business, 10/06/03

Motorola’s embedded and networking semiconductor business will be separated from the rest of the company’s operations and spun off as a new entity, Motorola announced Monday.

PeopleSoft expects revenues to top estimates, 10/06/03

PeopleSoft expects to top its financial guidance for the second quarter in a row, the company said Monday in a preview of the earnings report it will release later this month.

Feature: Fighting back against telecom surcharges, 10/06/03

Understanding the distinction between regulatory charges and the extras carriers pass along is a powerful weapon when negotiating contracts.

Service provider spending down, but capex-to-revenue up, 10/06/03

North American service providers will spend $48.9 billion on capital expenditures in 2003, a 21% reduction from 2002, according to Infonetics Research.