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More Linux-based/open source business management packages

Nov 05, 20032 mins
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* Enterprise accounting, payroll and resource planning

Almost two months after September’s five-part series on open source ERP and business management software packages, questions are still coming in on how I could “possibly have missed” some of the popular packages that are out there.  I won’t fill up your inbox with another series, but here’s a quick look – meaning I have not tested – at three more packages.

Linux-Kontor is an enterprise accounting software package that can be used for such tasks as setting up account books for a business, create and track invoices, produce reports and track inventory. The software is client-server based and runs on Java Virtual Machine. Despite its name, the creators say Linux-Kontor can run on Windows and Apple systems, as well as Linux. They also say “any” database can be used, but recommend Adabas D. (A HowTo on its Web site also details a PostgreSQL installation on Red Hat and Debian.)

Another package says it all in its name: Enterprise Payroll Systems (EPS). This package runs in a PHP environment and uses a MySQL database on the backend, as well as Apache Web Server running on a standard Linux distribution. The software provides a simple method for employees in a business to “punch in” and “punch out” of a payroll time clock system via a Web browser. Tools also exist in the suite for generating reports, managing employee accounts and administering different projects.

Then there’s Open Source Suite (OSSUITE), an ERP system also based on PHP. The software runs on a Red Hat server, and uses MySQL and Apache, as well as OpenSSL for securing sensitive transactions, such as personal or financial information. If EPS is very focused, OSSUITE is very broad, with modules for order processing, general ledger, AR/AP and even a barcode scanning system.

Next week: Yes, the start of another series – a look at Linux-based open source helpdesk software projects.