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Intel sells off Trillium software assets

Jan 15, 20031 min

Intel has sold the rights to software products from its Trillium Digital Systems subsidiary to Continuous Computing Corp. for an undisclosed sum, Continuous said in a release Monday. Trilllium makes software for telecommunications and broadband Internet products.

The transaction reflects Intel’s recent moves to divest some of the fringe pieces of its business. The company has sold off its LANDesk division and Web hosting business over the last six months in an effort to refocus its activities on chip design and production, which seem to have paid off, based on the company’s fourth-quarter results, which exceeded its expectations and were announced Tuesday.

Intel bought Trillium, based in Los Angeles, in August 2000 for $300 million.

Some of Trillium’s software engineers, salespeople and support employees will be offered jobs with Continuous, which is based in San Diego, it said in a statement.