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Slammer stirs controversy

Feb 03, 20032 mins

* Slammer stirs controversy * Is the worst behind us? * Where the innovation is * Looking for real cost

Slammer stirs controversy

Last week’s so-called “Slammer” worm has our columnists in a tizzy – as Mark Gibbs put it in his Backspin column, “I need to rant.” Scott Bradner and Kevin Tolly also needed to rant. Gibbs says who’s to blame for the worm’s spread, Bradner raises the unanswered questions, and Tolly says they don’t make software like they used to.

Gibbs: Laying blame when things are going wrong

Bradner: Familiar welcome to the new year

Tolly: SQL Slammer attack reveals reliability reality

Is the worst behind us?

The Edge’s Managing Editor Jim Duffy says recent earnings disclosures from telecom giants add up to a trend: The worst is over for telecom. Has the recovery begun?

Where the innovation is

Chris Shipley takes a few minutes away from planning the upcoming Demo Conference to say there’s oodles of innovation still going on in our industry – weak economy or no.

Looking for real cost

Johna Till Johnson says the buzzphrases “total cost of ownership” and “return on investment” are inadequate for measuring the real impact of technology on business. She proposes a third measure.