• United States
by Christine Perey

How we did it

Mar 24, 20031 min
Enterprise Applications

How we tested Starbak’s Torrent VCG 3.0.

The self-contained Torrent network appliance was installed on a 10/100M bit/sec Ethernet network connected to a BayStack 350 T Switch with three videoconferencing systems (three Polycom group systems: ViewStation FX, ViewStation 512 MP and Polycom iPower 960) and three client PCs. System administration and management tools were evaluated for usability and reliability from a Windows XP system on the network. We registered the Torrent with the Wire One Glowpoint Radvision gatekeeper and placed calls with videoconferencing systems on the same subnet, on different subnets using the same gatekeeper and different networks using neighbor gatekeepers, with E.164 and IP addresses.

Calls were established on the 100M bit/sec LAN for intranet calling and over a T-1 connection between the Torrent and remote videoconferencing systems in dial-up and server-initiated modes.

We evaluated all features as content creators and audience members. We managed the system as an account holder and with full administrator authorization. We watched the streams produced using a Windows Media viewer.

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