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Who didn’t come out to play

Oct 28, 20021 min

Although we had a very strong turnout for this test, some major vendors in the remote access VPN market are not included for various reasons.

Nortel, which many consider a leader in this market with its Contivity product line, couldn’t provide resources to support a review of its VPN product.

Enterasys Networks, which purchased remote access VPN vendor Indus River in 2000, was between major revisions of its product and couldn’t get us software and hardware in time to participate. Similarly, Alcatel, which purchased Timestep in 1999, was poised to release a major update to the Timestep Permit product line, but was not ready in time for this review. Both companies started shipping those products recently.

WatchGuard Technologies submitted hardware to be reviewed, but neglected to send all the components needed for a remote access deployment. Although WatchGuard made heroic efforts to get software and hardware to us when the error was discovered, we couldn’t complete the review of its product in time for inclusion in this review.