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It’s been one week…

Jan 30, 20031 min
Data Center

What a week it’s been since I last updated the Multimedia Exchange. I was down at ComNet in Washington, D.C. for most of the time, doing multimedia-related tasks rather than writing about them. One good thing about the trip is that I got a chance to test the new Windows Media 9 Series Encoder when I recorded two sessions at the show – our own Web Services Showdown and a keynote by the FAA’s Daniel Mehan. The Encoder worked perfectly and did an excellent job crunching down the file sizes while keeping the quality at a good level. Both events were encoded at about 20K bit/sec with the hour-plus long showdown topping out at 10.7 M/bytes and the 35-minute Mehan keynote weighing in at 5.2 M/bytes.

I also had an interesting interview with the video staff of Virginia’s Arlington County. They’re doing some cutting edge stuff with some impressive bandwidth. More on this later.