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RoboHelp X5 debuts

Jan 21, 20041 min
Data Center

Macromedia is reaping the benefits of its December acquisition of eHelp with yesterday’s release of RoboHelp X5 and RoboInfo 5.0. New in RoboHelp is a content management system that can be installed locally or on a server, XML support, PDF import and export, and support for JavaHelp 2.0. Macromedia is also addressing the issue of distributed help creation teams with support for multi-office environments via the content management system. Pieces of the help content can be checked in and out and versions can be saved for various project milestones. With the PDF export, users can now publish their help system in Flash, JavaHelp or PDF.

RoboInfo 5.0 is targeted at large companies that need to manage policy and procedure information for legal and/or internal tracking purposes. The new release includes audit trails, version control and file check in/check out. A Pro version adds detail usage reporting for those that want or need to track how particular documents are used.

RoboHelp X5 should ship sometime this month with a price tag of $899. Upgrades will be available for existing users starting at $499. RoboInfo 5.0 is available now for $799. RoboInfo Pro is $1,799. Upgrades for existing RoboInfo customers starts at $499.