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How we chose 10 hot IoT startups to watch

May 14, 20181 min
Internet of Things

Innovation, market fit, founders and funding all helped us winnow down the initial 79 contenders for our list to the final 10 hot IoT startups.

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The competition to find 10 hot IoT startups to watch began with 79 contenders, 14 of which were eliminated in round 1 for not really being IoT startups or for not following directions. (Pro tip: if you try the hard-to-get strategy – making us chase you down for the information we already asked for in my query – we won’t play that game. We just hit “delete” instead.)

In Round 2, visitors to our website,, cast votes for their three favorite startups, with votes weighted at five points for a first-place vote, two points for a second-place vote and one point for a third-place vote. Only the top 20 startups moved into the final round.

From those 20 we chose the 10 Startups to Watch based on a combination of funding, value proposition, market positioning, the strength of the leadership team and named customers. (For more on the selection process, please refer to this in-depth explanation. A few of the specifics have changed from this competition that focused on storage startups, but the overall process is the same.)