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How we selected 10 hot business continuity startups to watch

Oct 22, 20182 mins
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Here's the process used to winnow down the possible candidates for mention in our business-continuity roundup.

The selection process for our business-continuity-startup roundup began with dozens of recommendations and nominations sent via HARO, LinkedIn, Twitter, and subscribers to the Startup50 email newsletter.

This roundup, however, was challenging to flesh out because in the IT world, business continuity is a subset of storage.

Plenty of vendors pitched DevOps, security, and networking companie but none of those were a good fit for business continuity. You could make a case that all of those things help ensure business continuity, but they all fit better in different categories.

From the nominations and recommendations, we ended up cutting more than three-fourths of the field. However, seven startups were a good fit for this roundup based on their technology and a combination of funding, value proposition, the strength of the leadership team, unique market positioning, market opportunity, product-market fit and named customers.

The remaining three startups were discovered by researching the competitors of the other seven startups as well as looking at competitors of startups that were featured in earlier storage or hybrid cloud roundups and that had backup strengths.

These three startups also had a solid combination of the fundamentals listed above, and they all include business continuity as an important use case.