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Red Hat announces Red Hat Edge initiative

Apr 28, 20212 mins

Red Hat has outlined how it can bundle existing and new features to better support edge networks, an effort it calls Red Hat Edge.

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During this week’s Red Hat Summit, the company announced enhanced support for edge networking in its upcoming RHEL 8.4 release. The Red Hat Edge initiative promises new capabilities that will make RHEL a more powerful foundation for the open hybrid cloud.

The Red Hat Edge aims to extend Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud portfolio to the edge. This will involve everything from telecommunications and transportation to smart automobiles and enterprise devices. With Red Hat technologies, the edge-ready technology stack uses Red Hat Enterprise Linux along with:

  • Red Hat OpenShift – making it possible to deploy Kubernetes platform in both space- and resource-constrained locations
  • Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management – adding Kubernetes management capabilities across the hybrid cloud
  • Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform – automating workflows
  • Red Hat Integration – connecting applications and data across edge and open cloud deployments
  • Red Hat Data Services – storing, analyzing and distributing data across edge and data centers

The company is also expanding its predictive analytics offering, Red Hat Insights, across the open hybrid cloud with the launch of Red Hat Insights for Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform and with expanded capabilities for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

We also learned that Snam, one of the world’s largest gas networks, has deployed Red Hat OpenShift along with some other cloud-native technologies to help drive the organization’s digital transformation. Using a broad set of Red Hat’s powerful open hybrid cloud solutions, Snam will be able to better manage and scale applications across its distributed infrastructure, including at the edge, to prepare for a hybrid cloud and multi-cloud future. 

For more details on these and other announcements, visit the Red Hat newsroom.

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