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Most hyped network technologies and how to deal with them

Look for genuine value when under pressure to implement hyped technologies such as AI-driven network automation, private 5G, open networking and zero trust.

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VMware combines SASE and edge management in new orchestration platform, announces private 5G service

News from the VMware Explore conference includes a unified management platform for VMware’s SASE and edge computing stack, along with a new managed private mobile networking service.

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Cradlepoint differentiates its SASE platform with 5G support

The phased rollout of Cradlepoint’s 5G SASE solution will enable enterprises to create hybrid wireless and SD-WAN environments that optimize availability, quality of service, and security to edge, distributed, and mobile locations.

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Private 5G/LTE growing more slowly than expected

A lack of cutting-edge 5G chips, reseller uptake, and integration challenges will slow the growth of private cellular network use over the next two years, according to IDC.

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EU countries reject plan for big tech companies to fund 5G rollout

A proposal to have big tech companies that account for heavy internet traffic finance 5G and broadband expansion in Europe is facing criticism from ministers.

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5G network slices could be vulnerable to attack, researchers say

Configuration errors and device vulnerabilities could allow attackers to move laterally across 5G network slices.

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Multivendor 5G network slicing test claims 70% gain in deployment speeds

A Norwegian-led tech demonstration achieves a key advancement toward easier deployment for private 5G.

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AT&T, Dell and VMware team to simplify 5G edge deployments

Joint offering combines 5G connectivity, edge computing infrastructure, and multi-cloud support in an on-demand service.


What is 5G? Fast wireless technology for enterprises and phones

5G networks will boost wireless throughput by a factor of 10 and may replace wired broadband. But when will they be available, and why are 5G and IoT so linked together?

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EU's changing stance on Huawei could impact 5G networks already in place

A prospective ban on Huawei's products in Germany could herald a sea change in the EU’s relationship with China, and raise thorny issues about ripping out 5G gear already installed in networks.

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US, EU pressure Malaysia to bar Huawei hardware from 5G network

Malaysia is reportedly the latest battleground in the ongoing dispute between the US and China over Huawei's 5G technology.

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Private 5G might just make you rethink your wireless options

Early adopters in academia, manufacturing, and the military have chosen private 5G for its bandwidth, propagation features, and reliability.

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6G is coming sooner than you think, FCC chief Rosenworcel says

The FCC is taking lessons learned from 5G rollout as it prepares rules for 6G and presses Congress for spectrum auction authority.

6 industries where private 5G makes sense

Wider acceptance of private 5G will require expanding its uses among early adopters and finding suitable applications for it in other industries.

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Aruba to prioritize SASE, private 5G, data-center networking

The acquisition of Athonet will help HPE Aruba expand its private 5G network options, which is one area the vendor plans to focus on in 2023.

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Artificial intelligence helps solve networking problems

Management, SD-WAN, SASE, and 5G can benefit from AI that can enable or lighten enterprise-networking tasks.

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Cisco, Intel collaborate to build private 5G services

Cisco grows its private 5G portfolio with additional agreements with NTT, NEC, and Qualcomm.

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HP Enterprise buys Athonet for its 5G portfolio

HPE plans to to use Athonet 5G technology in Greenlake and Aruba networking services.

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