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Anwar Timol

  • Anwar Sebastian Timol is from Brooklyn, NY, and comes from a legacy in telecommunications being that both parents retired from Verizon, BellAtlantic, NYNEX, NY Telephone. In 2014, after a dozen years working for carrier’s enterprise division, Mr. Timol founded to make it help companies implement solutions from multiple carriers and vendors.

    A graduate from Stony Brook University in Long Island, Mr. Timol started his career knocking on doors for a small CLEC and quickly advanced into complex solutions sales. “It all started with Basic 10 on my Commodore 64, then I got a Mac Classic and Prodigy over my own telephone line.” His understanding is macroscopic so he loves leading a discussion form a whiteboard.

    “Every company I’ve ever worked for has been a part to a merger or acquisition, leaving employees disgruntled and customers scrambling to make sense.” Mr. Timol decided that he is more valuable to both clients and carriers by acting as a partner, instead of consultant or employee. His knowledge is valuable and he is discreetly relied upon by some of the largest companies in the world.

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